About Us

"Welcome to Scoopid!"
We absolutely love Ice cream. We have spent months trying different samples from different places and during the process we discovered a new way of bringing the Ice cream to you. Leave behind the Ice Cream vans, and your corner shops because we believe every meal is incomplete without the last course.

We are a new brand with extensive research carried out into bringing you our scoopidly delicious desserts. Waiting months to be able to find ourselves a supreme location, we have finally managed to succeed and are coming to Earl Street in Maidstone, the hub of famous eateries.
We all love desserts but there is something about Ice cream that makes everyone happy. Gelato is the Rolls Royce of Ice cream, and Scoopid is bringing you the Rolls Royce of Gelato. So brace yourselves and wait till we blow your taste buds away.
Bison House
56 Earl Street Maidstone, Kent
ME14 1PS
Hours of Operation
Opening Times:
Monday:  05:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 pm to 10.45 pm